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Life On The EDGEwalk X

Now We know it can be fun living life on the edge, but doesn’t it have to be this high up on the edge, does it..??  The EdgeWalk at Toronto’s CN Tower is home of the newest BREATH-TAKING tourist attraction for all of you travel and thrill-seeking enthusiasts out there.

Volunteers (Yes, We called them Volunteers due to the safety risks. Lol) are strapped into a harness that is attached to a guard rail (Sounds Safe) while they, pending their fear of heights, have the ability to Literally live life on the edge by walking around the catwalk and even physically lean over the edge (GASP!).  The experience will run approximately 1.5 hours, with the walk itself lasting 20 to 30 minutes.  Don’t look down though if you’re afraid of heights, as its a 1,168 foot drop overlooking Lake Ontario and the streets of Downtown Toronto.  Take a look at these AMAZING photos …

New Seattle Ganja Guidelines X 
(Via The Seattle Post Intelligencer) *Pictures NOT Affiliated with Original SPI Story

On the same day that Mayor Mike McGinn signed a new ordinance regulating medical marijuana dispensaries in Seattle, Police Chief John Diaz on Wednesday publicly unveiled the department’s new guidelines for marijuana enforcement.
With new state and city laws on medical marijuana gardens and dispensaries, the guidelines are intended to assist officers and supervisors with investigating pot cases when someone claims to be a marijuana patient or provider.
Marijuana, even for medicinal use, remains illegal under federal law.
“These competing and inconsistent laws along with the varying interpretations by the elected officials and prosecutors combined with the different expectations of the public put the police officer in the street in a very difficult position when dealing with marijuana,” the statement says.
While the directive says officers won’t ignore “any contraband, including marijuana,” it says the “Seattle Police Department is sensitive to the fact that some medical marijuana patients and designated providers may have difficult obtaining marijuana for medicinal use.”

“Although the Seattle Police Department is required to enforce the Medical Use of Marijuana Act and its subsequent amendments, this does not prohibit the police department from exercising some discretion while investigating these cases,” the directive says.
The new directive says officers should call for a supervisor before obtaining a search warrant when they’ve detained someone who claims to be a medical marijuana patient or designated provider, or if the officer is investigating at a collective garden. Here are points 1 and 2.
1. The responding supervisor shall review the circumstances and then consult a Narcotics Section supervisor for guidance.
2. If it is determined that a search warrant affidavit should be prepared, then the “Marijuana Grow Investigative Guidelines” shall be closely followed.
Seattle voters made misdemeanor marijuana possession the lowest enforcement priority for police with Initiative 75. The state Legislature passed a bill this year that would have legalized medical marijuana dispensaries, but Gov. Gregoire vetoed most of it, citing a concern that state workers could be prosecuted under federal law.  Here Are The New:  guidelines for marijuana enforcement

The Perfect Prision X 
 And We thought incarceration was supposed to be “Punishment”.  Halden, A Newly-Built Norwegian Maximum Security Prison spent roughly $1 Million dollars on Paintings, Photography and Lighting Installations ALONE.  That part of the budget however, doesn’t include the personal flatscreen tv’s installed in the “Cells”, The Huge Flatscreen in the “Break Rooms”, the “Mess Hall” (See Where I’m Going With This?), and the new clean kitchen and bathrooms the inmates share during their prison tenures.  Every 10 to 12 “Cells” share a kitchen and living room where prisoners prepare their own evening meals.  NONE of the windows at Halden have bars.


There is also a RECORDING STUDIO with in-house Music Teachers (o_O), a Full-Size, Indoor Gymnasium that includes Basketball Courts with a Rock Climbing Wall among other things.  Half of the Prison Guards are Female which the Norweigian Governor believes reduces tension and encourages good behavior.  Now are We the only ones feeling like this prison sounds a lot like Elementary School, without the recess ..?? Wait that’s right, they have the full-sized gym.  That sounds a lot like recess to us.  Take a look at these interior and exterior photos of Norway’s Halden Prison …

PISTA SA NAYON: S&Y with Kicks & Tees

Community support is the key to Pista’s success.  Throughout each year, volunteers plan, meet and raise funds to ensure its success.  Over 150 volunteers work on Pista, now the largest outdoor Filipino American event in the country.  Catering to everyone from birth to community elders, it has become the essential family reunion on a wonderfully grand scale.

Pista sa Nayon’s format has remained the same since 1990. Food booths operated by local nonprofit organizations and Filipino American restaurants are the fare of the day. Human service organizations provide free helpful information for children, youth, families and seniors of the community. Entertainment is donated by professionals providing displays of cultural heritage and enrichment, and amateurs wishing to showcase their pride and love for the community.

Come on out to Seward Park Amphitheatre on Sunday July 31st, from 9am to 7pm.  The S&Y Crew will be in attendance alongside Kicks & Tees.  Enjoy Fun Entertainment, Great Food for a Great Cause.

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