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This thing wins every damn time! But it’s cheating… Using recognition of the human hand a 1ms high-speed camera determines what the human is going to throw a few milliseconds before the robot chooses. The robot has a 100% winning rate due to this enhanced vision. The human playing chooses either rock, paper or scissors at the timing of one, two, three. According to the timing, the robot hand plays one of three kinds so as to beat the human.

Recognition of human hand can be performed at 1ms with a high-speed vision, and the position and the shape of the human hand are recognized. The wrist joint angle of the robot hand is controlled based on the position of the human hand. The vision recognizes one of rock, paper and scissors based on the shape of the human hand. After that, the robot hand plays one of rock, paper and scissors so as to beat the human being in 1ms.

This technology is one example that show a possibility of cooperation control within a few miliseconds. And this technology can be applied to motion support of human beings and cooperation work between human beings and robots etc. without time delay.



Weknowwhatyourdoing.com, Facebook users be warned, your public posts… can be seen by everyone in the public!  If that’s news to you then you might want to search for your name on this site…

Some people still have a hard time understanding Facebook’s privacy policy, but these people are just ignorant to what Public Post means!  This site takes all the embarrassing public posts made by people of Facebook and compiles them in one location for easy viewing.  Hope your not on there…  Sites like these will hopefully inspire the morons posted on them to think before they post, once you click that button its out there FOREVER!


The Craigslist ad reads;

For the discerning individual who appreciates artwork and wine – you now have a great opportunity to meld those together into one piece of artwork that will display your bottle collection like no other wine rack. This will make you the talk of your wine club, HOA, alcoholics anonymous support group, etc…


There are only several times in one’s life when one has the opportunity to purchase something that is RIDICULOUSLY COOL. This is one of those moments.


Need something unique? Sure, you could certainly go to the local Mercedes dealership and pick up a G55 or wait until next year’s G63 comes out and yes, it would be unique, you’d be the talk of your friends, and ride around in style but it wouldn’t be any different than the next G55 or G63 rolling around. Nooooo waaaaaaay man! Those suckers are mass produced!! You see those all over the place in Scottsdale!

What ya need is a one-off piece of artwork that you will not find anywhere else in the metropolitan area and likely – the entire state.

And the pictures speak for themselves, anyone want to go in on this???

Height: 6 feet
Weight: Approx 1,000lbs
Material contents: Used transmission parts from automobiles and motorcycles. There are even parts on the statue that are stamped with the “Ford” logo
Bottle capacity: 32 bottles depending on size of bottle.


Today they perform a light show, tomorrow they perform your execution!  More and more projects are harnessing the agility and precision of quadrotor helicopters.  This exhibit of light and music shown below is the latest among many of these projects.  Keep in mind that we only see the civilian amateur projects, what do you think the military is using these for?  Fly.HT Army..

And now for the Human Power Quadrotor…


In case you didn’t know, Kickstarter has been out there taking unsuspecting peoples money for a long time now, beware and don’t fall victim to this scam! Internet criminals are using this site to bilk friends and families out of money for terrible, ill-conceived, and unnecessary “personal projects.


gigapixel camera.jpg

Scientists at Duke University have built an experimental camera that allows the user—after a photo is taken—to zoom in on portions of the image in extraordinary detail, a development that could fundamentally alter the way images are captured and viewed.The new camera collects more than 30 times as much picture data as today’s best consumer digital devices. While existing cameras can take photographs that have pixel counts in the tens of millions, the Duke device produces a still or video image with a billion pixels—five times as much detail as can be seen by a person with 20/20 vision.  The current version needs lots of space to house and cool its electronic boards; it weighs 100 pounds and is about the size of two stacked microwave ovens. It also takes about 18 seconds to shoot a frame and record the data on a disk.

The $25 million project is funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, part of the U.S. Department of Defense. The military is interested in high-resolution cameras as tools for aerial or land-based surveillance.  If the Duke device can be shrunk to hand-held size, it could spark an alternative approach to photography. Instead of deciding where to focus a camera, a user would simply shoot a scene, then later zoom in on any part of the picture and view it in extreme detail. That means desirable or useful portions of a photo could be identified after the image was captured.

Taking a picture with a traditional digital camera “is like looking through a soda straw since you can only see a narrow part of the scene,” said David Brady, optical engineer at Duke, who led the team that designed the one-gigapixel camera. “Ours is more like a fire hose—the world comes at you full [blast].” Dr. Brady said that when his team used the device to photograph the Seattle skyline, they were able to zoom in and read the “In” and “Out” signs written on a parking garage a half-mile away. Similarly, if the camera were used to take video images of a tennis match, say, the viewer could zoom in on a player, or on someone at the far end of the stadium, and see both images with equal clarity.  Details of the Duke camera were published Wednesday in the journal Nature.

Sharp Shooter

Source: WSJOnline


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Created by Australian Etsy user StarGallery, the cushions come in shapes that will be familiar to the Tetris faithful, and it looks like all seven shapes are accounted for. The blocks are pretty big at almost two feet long and six inches thick, and are upholstered with “raw textured cotton… stuffed with polyester filling.”

What say you, fellow geek? I’m already rearranging the cushions in my mind. That square block needs to move down and left next to the life-saving line, and the red zig-zag should fit snuggly atop that and into the elbow created by the backward “L” piece. Boom!Optimized comfort.

It’s $280 (which works out to $40 a cushion) for the whole kit and caboodle, available here.


Visualized: Sauber F1 cutaway car is half the vehicle it used to be (video)Ever wondered what goes on inside a Formula 1 car? No, we’re not talking about Jenson Button’s delicate elbow movements, we mean inside the car. Well, it turns out that we’re not the only ones, and fortuitously for us, some people with the actual means to find out — the Sauber F1 team — have done the noble thing, and cut one in half. Yes, a real F1 car. Cut in half. It took two years to achieve, but from tip to tail, it’s all there on display. That precious steering wheel you see drivers carry with them? Halved. Clever layered fuel system for lower center of gravity? Carved open. They even bring a driver in, the only thing to remain intact. Race on past the pit stop break for the visuals.

Source: Engadget


Seen here with Fausto Llerena, his caretaker of 40 years, Lonesome George, the last remainingChelonoidis nigra abingdoni (Pinta Island Giant Tortoise, a subspecies of the Galapagos Tortoise), passed away on Sunday, June 24th. He was around 100.


Scientists had expected him to live another few decades at least.
Various mates had been provided for Lonesome George after he was found in 1972 in what proved unsuccessful attempts to keep his subspecies alive.  Attempts were initially made to mate Lonesome George with two female tortoises from Wolf Volcano. But the eggs they produced were infertile.

Two females from Spanish island’s tortoise population, the species most closely related to Pinta tortoises, were placed with him last year.  Sadly, when you’re over 100, there are some things even boner pills can’t fix. But in all seriousness,

Source: Geekologie


At first glance it’s just a crude picture, but that’s only when it’s finished…
See what goes into making this masterpiece, the insane patience of all this makes you want to cut your ear off!

And while your at it, why not build a completely pointless wall of 60,000 dominoes and know it down!